Self Help books? Which one now?

4 Nov

Why are there so many self help, self improvement books out there? the sale of and the publishing of new ones continues to flourish. Could it be that they don’t work very well and people leap onto the next one with a catchy title that promises success can be easy?

The opening chapters of most of these books describe how you are feeling at the moment and it is very easy to relate to this, it makes you feel comfortable in that you are not on your own, “so its pretty normal then, to be unhappy with the money I make with not having enough time and feeling stressed with my team and the day to day stuff of running a business?”. 

Because the author clearly knows what you are going through and can describe it so vividly (you think they must have a spy camera in your office!) you are hopeful that their solution will be just as relevant to you and be just what will make the difference.

 I am about to tell you the truth, (another claim many make)

It is never going to be easy, there is no magic wand to wave!!….


 Sadly until you accept that there are no get rich quick schemes (apart from the Lottery and gambling is rarely a strategy) you will more than likely bounce from one title to the next not applying what you already know.

My experience and observations on life and business tell me you will have to work hard, you will have to make sacrifices and you will have to do things that you will not feel comfortable doing.

The other truth is that even if you are prepared to do these things, success is still not guaranteed, so what should we do?, give up? keep doing the lottery and praying a lot?

Don’t be depressed, my advice is to  get your head around these things and accept and commit to doing whatever it takes to achieve the things you are aiming for, then, instead of buying yet another book, or going on another course, find yourself a good business coach (see my notes on how to select yours).


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