Pitfalls to avoid in your Marketing (part one)

20 Jan

These may seem obvious but it’s amazing how easy it is to let your campaign go ahead with some of these in place.

Having a weak headline.

This is the most important element of your message. The acid test will be “does it stop you in your tracks?” If you were going down an escalator in the London Underground would you try to walk back up to read the headline in its entirety? If you would, your headline is ok.

Not having an irresistible offer.

Your offer is said to be responsible for 40% of your response. So making an offer that is truly irresistible is critical to a successful campaign. Whether it’s a straightforward discount, a wonderful added value bundle (which would be our recommendation) or an offer that cannot be bought normally, the need for a great offer is absolutely vital, so make sure your next campaign has one.

 A soft or no call to action.

What is it you want your prospect to do once they have read your ad’?  Make it specific and make it time sensitive wherever possible.

A list that isn’t “up to the mark”

The starting point for most marketing campaigns is to make sure that “the wall” you are going to throw your “mud” at is the right one.
It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, or if you manage to nail items 1,2 and 3 above, if your list is not made up of well targeted potential clients then you are not going to have much success.
So creating a list is up there with oxygen in importance. There are lots of ways to get a good list, one of the most effective is to exchange your remarkable free offer for their contact details.

Steve Shaw helps owners of SME’s in Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire to develop themselves and grow their businesses. Your commitment deserves results that make a difference. To find out more, click here!





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