Pitfalls to avoid in your marketing (part two)

28 Jan

An inappropriate vehicle to get to your target audience

Closely linked to the list (see part one) is to decide should your message be an ad’ in a paper, should it be an e-mail, a text message, a poster in your local surgery, etc’. Once you have decided where and who your target audience is you must ensure that your message gets to them maximising the chance to have the impact you want. Your call to action has to be easy and convenient for them, a free phone number,   click here or drop your business card in here. Think about when and how your message arriving with your typical prospect has the best chance of getting the response you are looking for.

Using poor or irrelevant images.

Your company name and logo is important to you but your prospects actually do not care, so taking up valuable space with them does not make a lot of sense. Any images you use should be aimed at reinforcing the message in your ad’ , building your credibility as a supplier and encouraging your prospect to read the full ad and take action.

Having only one message.

It is current marketing wisdom that a prospect has to see your message over 7 times before they will take notice. So clearly you need to create your campaign considering how you will deliver your message multiple times to ensure it gets noticed.

Failure to measure results.

Over time you will use many different methods to generate enquiries, (we recommend that you have between 8 and 12 in place at any one time).  One of the cornerstones of any successful business is “Testing and Measuring” and the application of this principle in your marketing campaigns is absolutely vital.
If you don’t know what the results are how can you decide if it was energy and money well spent.
Devise your campaign with this element in mind and make sure you record the results in such a way that you can compare different campaigns.

Ignoring your existing customers.

You will have heard many times how much easier it is to sell to existing customers rather than finding new ones and it is very easy to become complacent about yours.
Turning a customer into a “Raving Fan” should be your goal and your marketing communications is another piece of the puzzle for how you do this.

Avoiding the Pitfalls above will ensure that your marketing campaigns will be more and more effective, it goes without saying (or does it?) make sure you are devoting enough time to planning your campaigns so that you do avoid the above. Effective marketing campaigns are key to growing your business.

Steve Shaw helps owners of SME’s in Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire to develop themselves and grow their businesses. Your commitment deserves results that make a difference. To find out more, click here!



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