How often do you ???Go back to the Drawing Board????

12 Feb

When things don’t work out as you expected, and if you are optimistic about life and business, this will happen to you for sure. What do you think?

You are not really “back to square one” are you?

Should you be “wiping the slate clean?” I don’t think so.

Should you be “back to the drawing board?”


This makes more sense to me, because of the principles of measure and test that should always be applied, there must be lessons learnt from every situation.

The plan that comes from your drawing board this time will stand a better chance of delivering the outcome you want.

And what if it doesn’t? – “back to the drawing board”.

Persistence is one of those qualities that is difficult to scale, when does determination and commitment turn into pig headedness and stubbornness? A great question that no doubt Emerson would have a good perspective on, it is often quoted that whilst he was developing the electric light filament that he discovered 2,000 ways of it not working.

“I never failed once. Discovering how to make a light bulb just happened to be a 2000 step process”. Thomas Alva Edison

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Thomas A. Edison

The well used question that asks “what is the definition of insanity”, and the answer is “keep doing the same thing and expecting different results” needs to be seen in perspective with our thoughts above because the plan that comes from going back to the drawing board should be different to the plan that hasn’t delivered.

When you are so close to a situation it is very easy not to see what may be visible from a helicopter, so “returning to the drawing board” should involve getting some different perspectives on where you are and what progress can be made.

Steve Shaw helps owners of SME’s in Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire to develop themselves and grow their businesses. Your commitment deserves results that make a difference. To find out more, click here!



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