How precious is your time?

27 Feb

I have seen this story referred to in a number of places but cannot give credit to where I saw it first.

A college lecturer was teaching a class of business students on one of the most important topics for all business people, he had a tall glass vase on his desk at the front of the classroom.


He starts by describing the space in the vase as the time available during a day. He puts some large stones in the vase until he cannot fit any more in and then asks the class is the vase full? Clearly not as there are spaces between the stones.

He then pours some course gravel into the vase and shakes it down into the spaces and repeats the question, “is it full?”

He then pours some sand into the vase and it filters down to fill the spaces it can get to. “Is it full” he repeats, by now some students are starting to think maybe, as the lecturer takes a big jug of beer and pours it into the vase until it is lapping at the top. “Now it is full” he says, “and what are the lessons you should take from this exercise?”

Learning one “always do the big stuff  first”, and Learning two, “there is always time for a beer!”

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