Is it your Fault?

17 Dec


The truth is probably not, but you need to act as though it is!

If you run your own business then you are responsible for whatever goes on in it.

Is it your fault that you have a team that doesn’t perform as you would like?

Is it your fault that you are not making the profit you want?

Is it your fault that you always seem to be fire fighting?

I think that wherever you are in your life and business is down to you, the choices and decisions that you have made, the way you have reacted to circumstances, opportunities, disasters, whatever has come your way, and whatever you have steered into.

Could it be that it is an inherited trait? Your dad was never any good with figures!

Could it be the school you went to? The teachers never seemed to care much, in fact some of them told you the future looked grim for you!

“Fault and Blame” are very closely linked just as “Responsibility and Accountability” are.

Pointing the finger at something or someone and blaming them may actually be the truth, the danger is that that as soon as you point the finger, you are likely to stop thinking of how you can improve the situation. If it’s not my fault, if I am not to blame then someone else should fix it! Right?


Taking personal responsibility and being accountable for your results is one of the significant traits I think that separates successful achievers from the also rans.

This doesn’t mean you try and fix everything that you come across that needs fixing, just the stuff in your business and your life (that will keep you busy enough).

Just imagine..

If you can get this message and philosophy running through your team and business what impact do you think it would have on performance, customer service, team morale, efficiency, profits, etc’.


If you have a team that are performing just as you would like, your business is delivering the profit you have planned and you are spending more time pro-actively developing ways in which your business can grow and become self sufficient.

Who should take the credit?

You should be very proud of what you have achieved but it is unlikely you will have done this on your own.

What I mean is..

It is difficult to see ourselves with the clarity, perspective and objectivity that someone else can bring to the table.  If you work with someone who is trained to look at you and your business with a professional focus you stand a good chance of understanding what needs your attention.

I recommend you find someone.


Steve helps owners of SME’s with profits, teams and dependence on personal input, to learn more click here





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